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Ich war auf der Suche nach Büchern mir unbekannter Autorinnen und Autoren. Und habe dabei viel Gutes gelesen über selbstverlegte Bücher und Kleinstverlage. Dieser Versuch mit Anja Fahrners Alkatar ging nicht gut aus. Wie üblich mit Spoilern ...
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I bought this book not on the recommendation of friends but only because it was advertised by amazon while I was scrolling for new books. And since I have been pleasantly surprised by how stupid Amazon's AI seems to be when trying to show me ads of different brands of things I just had bought on the site I was curious how appropriate this recommendation would be. In short: not very!
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There is not much to say about this book's story. Orhan, an engineer, and his company whose task it is to build bridges all around the empire get stranded in the empire's capital city just as this empire is about to collapse. All that is left is the capital under siege and Orhan as the highest ranking military officer within the capital. So he reluctantly assumes command of the defence. The book is his own tale written by himself and tells his story of how he managed to rescue the city from the siege.
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Über solch ein Buch kann ich natürlich keine echte, valide Rezension schreiben. Dazu sind meine Fachkenntnisse viel zu gering. Dennoch ist mir zu dem Werk ziemlich viel eingefallen beim Lesen und das hier ist der Versuch meine Gedanken dazu zusammenzufassen
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Danke, sehr interessant

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This book is about getting hooked on credit cards and self optimisation. And this review is with spoilers, as always.
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This book is only readable for people who have seen several series of the Star Trek Brand and still can remember them.
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