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About: I am an alien, please do not tell everyone. Anyway could you please tell me how to use or dealing with fediverse ?
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Description: First channel
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About: fotografie geniesser DIY TheHumanCondition augenmensch polyglott peace humanity Been online for ages. Started with a modem, Telix, a analog telephone-line and various BBS. Then Fido for years in the wonderful Octopus BBS. Did the german translation for Frontdoor APX long ago. Over the years my enthusiasm suffered. Digital shit is still shit, no?
Description: #COLOGNERAP
Location: Deutschland
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Hometown: Hamburg
Description: Наше сообщество reddit: или Наш канал в соцсети Hubzilla:
Location: "Во времена обмана говорить правду - это революционный акт." @ Джордж Оруэлл "In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." @ G. Orwell /,
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Description: I work with software, have too many hobbies to keep track of, and a chronically shot attention span.
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Description: Schreibe uber dies und das, meist IT, Verkehr, Lokales (Köln).
Location: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland
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About: kommt später
Description: Eisenbahnforum im Fediverse
Description: Love Fitness, Tech, Linux, Dancing, and Cooking
Location: Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland
Location: Denmark
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About: Spejder efter forårstegn hele året... Webudvikler, strandet sømand, fortabt til tennis og MC touring. Scouting for signs of spring all year ... Web developer, stranded sailor, lost to tennis and motorcycle touring.
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About: i normally live in india, west bengal, but am stuck in berlin for a while. i was born here but haven't been around for 40+ years. have been playing around with hubzilla earlier, running my own hub & stuff, but lost interest...not in hubzilla as such, but in social networking altogether.
Description: Gustav Wall,
About: Vorteile des Regionalgeldes "Das Ziel von Regiogeldsystemen ist es, die regionale Wirtschaft zu fördern und zu stabilisieren. Durch den kleinen Raum, in dem das Regiogeld verwendet wird, bleibt die Kaufkraft für damit getätigte Geschäfte in der Region, statt ins Ausland oder in Finanzmärkte abzuwandern. Dadurch soll der Verlagerung von Arbeitsplätzen ins Ausland entgegengewirkt werden."
Description: space to discuss how we can save our Earth's climate and biodiversity
Description: Software engineer. Playing around with any technology. RPG/PnP fan, likes watching series. Loves to travel but did not recently (well..). Most content in German.
Location: Germany
Hometown: Berlin
Description: Testaccount zur Erprobung der Hubzilla Funktionalitäten
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